December 2, 2023


The UM Common Reading Experience is currently planning events related to Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work, and the themes of the common read for Fall 2023.

Freshman Convocation | Tuesday, August 22 | 7:00pm | Pavillion

The University of Mississippi Fall Convocation commemorates the beginning of the college journey each year at Ole Miss. Join us on Tuesday, August 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ole Miss Pavilion to hear from campus leaders and guest speaker and author of this year’s Common Read, Dave Isay.


Pass It On! Event | Wednesday, August 23 | 5:00pm-7:00pm | 106D J.D. Williams Library

Inspired by Gloria McEwen Burgess’s captivating book, Pass it On!, the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement is proud to host a listening event designed to bring people together, share stories, and make our community stronger – one small act of kindness at a time. Join us for dinner in the library to learn more about the Pass It On! initiative. Participants will pair up and have a guided conversation about what purposeful act of kindness they would like to complete this semester. Your Pass It On! deed can be any act of kindness no matter how small. It’s up to you to decide how you want to spread more positivity in our community. Register here!


Sugar Don’t Go on Grits: An Archival Look at the Great Migrant Effect on How We Eat | Tuesday, August 29 | 1:00pm | Online Zoom Event

How Black is sweet cornbread? Do WE put marshmallows on sweet potato casserole?  “Sugar Don’t Go On Grits: An Archival Look at The Great Migration’s Effect on How We Eat” will be a conversational space dedicated to retracing the divergent pathways of the African American culinary tradition. Leaning on archival materials, we’ll highlight how Black people altered recipes in different areas of the United States due to the availability of ingredients and to match local tastes while reflecting on how these changes have led us to debate the cultural appropriateness of foods we eat. Food & culture historian Donna Battle Pierce and restauranteur and food expert Valerie Erwin will be joining the conversation. This event was produced jointly by University of Mississippi Libraries and the Culinary Literacy Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Register here for this ONLINE ZOOM EVENT!


Roundabout Oxford Workshop | TBD | TBA| 106D J.D. Williams Library

Podcasting has been an increasingly popular form of media across the U.S. for many years. Many of the stories in Dave Isay’s Callings can be found in StoryCorps’ podcast series. Find out more about the University of Mississippi Libraries’ podcast series, Roundabout Oxford, and learn tips and tricks from the podcasting team on how to create quality digital audio files.  The podcast team will discuss challenges and benefits of creating Roundabout Oxford while demonstrating open-source tools that anyone can use to make their own podcasts. Roundabout Oxford episodes can be found here.


The Longest Table | Sunday, October 1 | 4:30pm | The Circle

The Longest Table is a free university gathering on Sunday, October 1 with check-in and food service opening at 4:30 pm. The event brings together students, faculty, and staff for a shared meal in The Circle in front of The Lyceum. The program features community-building conversation focused on the 175th anniversary of the University and James Meredith Day, celebrated annually on October 2nd. Together we chart an even greater future for the University of Mississippi and the people it serves. You can register for the event here  For accessibility assistance, please contact the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement at 662.915.2933 or


When Your Career Is a Calling | Wednesday, November 1 | 4:00pm | Overby Auditorium

For many journalists and IMC practitioners work is about contributing to something beyond themselves, making a difference in people’s lives. Join us as we talk with four top media professionals about finding a career that fulfills you and matters to others.  IMC Professor Debbie Hall leads a conversation that will inspire you to find your own personal and professional calling.


Open Doors | Monday, November 13 | TBA | The Lyceum

As an Ole Miss student, have you ever wondered what happens inside the Lyceum? This meet-and-greet event organized by the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement is your chance to connect with the 11 administrative offices and explore the three floors of this historic campus building. In addition to visiting with UM senior leadership, expect fun activities and yummy snacks.


Using Career Resources: Library Critical Thinking Workshop | Tuesday, November 14 | 12:15pm | 106D J.D. Williams Library

In this critical thinking workshop, participants will examine multiple career websites and salary listings to help them on their discovery of figuring out who they want to be and where they want to go after graduation. Register here: